The Deborah Anointing

I’m reading “The Deborah Anointing: Embracing the Call to be a Woman of Wisdom and Discernment” by Michelle McClain-Walters and wanted to share this quote with you.
“Lord, I pray that You will awaken me to the call You have for my life. Remove any bondage of fear from my heart and mind. Let Your wisdom and courage rest upon me. Awaken me from slumber. Let me walk circumspectly in this hour. I loose myself from passivity and apathy. Let me be alert to Your voice. Let me be aware of Your purpose. I thank You, Lord, that You are an extraordinary God and You will accomplish extraordinary things through me. I release myself from self-imposed limitations. I break every limitation that the enemy has placed upon my life and has kept me from meeting my full potential. No longer will I be deceived and trapped by the traditions and opinions of men. For I was created for greatness! I was created to be God’s glory carrier throughout the earth. I will arise and be radiant with the glory of the Lord. I will be a beaming lighthouse of hope for many who sit in gross darkness. Lord, give me words of wisdom that will guide and influence many. I will not remain silent! I break every demonic conspiracy designed to keep me silent! I won’t let past failures and disappointments keep me silent. I will open my mouth wide, and God, You will fill it. God, give me ideas, insight, and concepts to bring deliverance to many. You have anointed me to impart grace to those in my sphere of influence. The words that I speak will release life to a hurting generation. I am not in this world by chance. I’m not in this decade by chance. I’m not reading this book by chance. I am a modern-day Deborah! I stir up and activate the Deborah anointing through this prayer and declaration. In the name of Jesus, amen.”
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