IMAGE SKINCARE products are medical grade, multi-functional products which contain the highest levels of active ingredients and botanicals to help you achieve your healthiest skin ever. These products are created by an aesthetician and formulated by a plastic surgeon, and trusted by skincare professionals worldwide. The proprietary formulations of these skincare products ensure that each one delivers superior effectiveness and real results for skincare problems such as sun damage, acne, aging, and rosacea. Here is a sample of the product collections I offer through IMAGE SKINCARE:


NEOVA SmartSkincare is, at its core, a research and scientific-discovery brand dedicated to all conditions caused by photodamage and photoaging. NEOVA SmartSkincare repairing solutions delivers care so complete that they have revolutionized the standard for the defense, protection and alleviation of the visible evidence of photoaged skin. With attention focused on the preservation of healthy skin cells, NEOVA DNA Repair Enzymes, Copper Peptide Complexes, intense antioxidants and DNA repair sunscreens eliminate inevitable damage before it becomes permanent. Their clinical studies have been conducted with leading international universities and scientific institutions, no animal testing, but are dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.
Here is a sample of the product collections I offer through NEOVA SKINCARE: