"Rhonda has been a valuable asset to our family's healing! As parents of 5 children adopted from the foster care system, we are amazed at how Rhonda was able to win the trust of our children so she could counsel them as they were going through some of the most volatile stages of growing up. She also helped identify clinical needs that were contributing factors to the overall health of each family member. Rhonda has helped us, as well as our children, understand the need for comprehensive care and how it effects every aspect of our life.
Adrian and Cindi Appleberry
Directors of Operation, i4029 Ministries

"Rhonda has been helping me with my health issues for 5 years now. I was seeking out someone that looks at the whole picture when it comes to health and not just temporary fixes. Rhonda does that and she does it well. She has given me ideas on how to change my diet, supplementation, lifestyle changes, etc. in order to help lead me to healing my body. Rhonda is also a prayer warrior, which I greatly appreciate! Through her own story of healing she is very passionate about helping others find spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. Anyone that goes to Rhonda for help with these areas will find someone that cares deeply about their well being and will work with them to find answers."
Jennifer Galbraith-Shook
It Works- Independent Distributor

"Rhonda is truly remarkable. She brings a tremendous trifecta of empathy, knowledge and passion. It has been a privilege working with a care giver with an amazingly comprehensive approach to mend mind, body and soul.
My personal journey has encountered many physical and emotional traumas. From our first meeting, I knew Rhonda’s approach was exactly what I was looking for. Her compassionate manner puts me at ease but does not inhibit her ability to make difficult concepts clear. I am grateful for her practical approaches to help restore a healthy lifestyle on all fronts."
Natalie Brown
Reservoir Engineering Manager

"My family first met Rhonda Devlin almost 5 years ago when our family had major trauma with our oldest child! We all went through such a horrible and traumatic time! Our pastor gave me Rhonda’s Information and I called immediately and we were able to meet with Rhonda the very next day! Rhonda made this super easy and helped us feel so comfortable and reminded us of our strong connection with God!

Rhonda began helping us through spiritual counseling which was a huge success! After a few session my daughter was asking to speak with Rhonda! She loved how comfortable Rhonda made her feel and was able to speak with her with ease! As we all went through this traumatic time, I knew my health was not good at all and was a major part of the stress so she guided me through it and was very helpful and successful! Through spiritual guidance with weight loss and supplements I was back in no time!

Rhonda reminded us how God is in control! I currently still see Rhonda to purchase supplements and help me understand lab results to keep me on track and become healthier!

Rhonda is a wonderful life coach whom I would recommend to anyone needing help or advice with any aspect of life!
Tammy Kroll- Licensed Child Care Provider
Micheal Kroll- High School teacher

"I began seeing Rhonda several months back and from the very first interaction is she was warm and approachable. Through my time with Rhonda, she has been an excellent listener but beyond that, patient in our discussions allowing an outlet that was necessary but always ensuring it stays healthy and constructive. Rhonda brought me to a place where I was made aware of the drivers of much of my anxiety, to safely grieve the hurt that has happened and more importantly facilitate and teach behavioral exercises that enable me to manage triggers and continually heal and strengthen me. She has been a wise counsel in the area of mental health that is Christ centered and uplifting. My time with her has meant that the emotional healing has led to healthy outcomes relationally amongst family, friends and in my marriage."
Reena Varghese

"I have known Rhonda for nearly my entire life, but just recently she has stepped in to provide me much needed counseling and medical help. Through what's been the most difficult year of my life, Rhonda has provided me with the attention and support that I need to process a lot of emotions. She is helping me walk through pain rather than just sitting in it and she does it in a loving and gentle way. As someone who struggles with anxiety and a lot of hopelessness, Rhonda has provided me with tools and has encouraged and uplifted me. Additionally, she discovered areas of my physical well-being that need healing and has been guiding me through that journey ever since. Her prayers are powerful and I have felt cared for and loved on throughout my time with Rhonda."
Jordin Galbraith
Audit Associate